Happy Wednesday.
Here is a chlorinated truth bomb for ya to think about today…
(Actually there are gonna be two of em, so brace yourself. 1-2 truth bomb punch!)
You need to rethink motivation.
Judging from the emails I get daily for you guys bemoaning a lack of motivation it’s obvious that there is a disconnect somewhere.
Because we aren’t motivated 100% of the time we don’t do the things necessary to accomplish the sweet things we wanna achieve…
If only I wanted it more, than it would be easier!
If only I were more motivated, I’d be getting up for all those early morning practices…
If only, if only, if only.
Have you ever stopped to think about what motivation is?
How it actually works?
Truth bomb #1: Motivation is a feeling.
Motivation is a feeling.
Think about that.
It’s a feeling.
So, just like any other feeling, whether it is happiness or grumpiness, some days you are motivated, some days you aren’t, there are some things that you do that you know make you feel motivated, while others do not.
When you are tired you are less likely to be motivated.
When you are in a bad mood you could either end up really motivated, or completely un-motivated.
It’s a feeling.
And just like all feelings, it’s not possibly to have a perfect batting percentage every day with it.
Just like being happy 100% of the time isn’t possible, nor is it to be motivated 100% of the time.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t still do the things you need to do to be successful.
When you start addressing motivation for what it is …
A feeling…
(Say it with me…feeee-uhh-eeeling.)
And not some mysterious and mythical muse that only seems available to some of us…
You can better navigate its ups and downs.
Which leads me to the second part of our little motivational pep talk…
Truth bomb #2: Motivation shows up when you do.
“When I feel like it,” is the kiss-of-death excuse I hear from swimmers when asked about when they are going to do what they need to do.
You are never going to feel like it.
In fact…
The only time you are going to feel like it is when you are already doing it.
Point in case.
Had a brutal sleep last night.
Short-changed on rest (a.k.a. “cranky”) I went to the pool, where it was supremely crowded for 9 in the morning.
Got in, warmed up.
Still not feeling that great.
Debating just heading over to the gym next door and doing some lifting, because that’s easier than the planned workout.
Start by doing one rep of the main set.
And then another…
And before I know it, I’m feeling surprisingly energized.
And motivated.
You can psych yourself up all you want before practice, but the high octane motivation starts to flow when you are in the midst of doing the dang thing.
Don’t make the mistake of believing you absolutely have to be fired up in order to work hard.
Because working hard ends up being precisely the thing that gets you amped out of your mind.
It’s a classic mistake to get those two things mixed up.
Okay, okay…
So motivation is a feeling, and it almost always fades in once we get started.
What’s the next step?
How do I get motivated to start?
You don’t.
You set up systems for your success.
You schedule a routine.
You track and monitor your progress.
Make starting the only goal each day.
Make your environment compatible with your goals.
Set mini-goals regularly to keep you engaged and focused over the long term.
Keep positive people around you.
Set up layers of accountability.
These are systems that you can implement that insure no matter how motivated you are feeling that day…
No matter how badly you’d rather put on two sweatshirts, draw the curtains and crush some Netflix…
That you’re gonna show up and do work.
Get your routine in check, the motivation will follow.
See you in the pool!
P.S. Having routines and systems is what YourSwimBook is all about.
It ‘s about tracking your progress so that you have evolving goals in training…
It’s designed to help you stay consistent by keeping you accountable to your swimming…
And it’s also about mastering those routines so that you don’t have to depend on the fickle nature of motivation.
(It also comes with a bonus 76-page mental training skills guide called “Dominate the Pool” which I have been told is “super.”)
Click here to learn more about YourSwimBook and how it will help you crush those routines (and your motivation) this season in the pool.
1015 Rockland Avenue, Victoria, BC V8V3H6, CANADA

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