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01/02/2019   Entries close for York Open

21/02/2019   Entries close for SunSmart Club Premierships

26/01/2019   Round 8 - Sorrento (Australia Day)

09/02/2019 17:00   no meet - pool unavailable

10/02/2019   York Open

16/02/2019   no meet - pool unavailable

23/02/2019   no meet - Rottnest

1 - 03/03/2019   SunSmart Club Premierships

04/03/2019   Round 11 - Scarborough

9/03/2019   Club meet: 100m(Trophy event) IM; 25m free; 50m(Trophy events), 25m fly; 200m, 100m, 50m, 25m free; 50m, 25m breast

16/03/2019   Club meet: 100m(Trophy event), 50m, 25m free; 50m(Trophy events), 25m back; 25m free; 50m, 25m breast; 200m, 100m IM; 50m, 25m fly

17/03/2019   Entries close for SunSmart Last Chance Meet

23/03/2019   SunSmart Last Chance Meet

30/03/2019   Club meet: 50m(Trophy events), 25m breast; 50m(Trophy events), 25m, 25m free; 200m, 100m, 50m, 25m breast; 100m, 50m, 25m fly

6/04/2019   Club meet: 1500m(Trophy event), 800m, 400m, 25m, 25m, 50m, 25m free Easter raffle

12/04/2019   School holidays

19/04/2019   Easter

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