Summer at Scarborough Beach!

Hi everyone.

It has been a long, wet and wild winter, but we are finally in our last month of the Winter swimming season. Its now time to renew your membership for Summer, our 1st one at Scarborough Pool. It should be a fun season with a few new activities, including some beach sessions. Of course there will also be some regular Club meets with the venue to be confirmed soon.

All details regarding fees and timetable have been uploaded here on to our website here.


Fees have been kept on hold for Summer. Please read this document carefully which includes information on:

  • Club Membership Fee
  • Important SWA Membership changes and options
  • Coaching Fees
  • Instructions on how to re-enrol for summer season for existing Winter season members
  • Instructions on how to enrol for new members and existing members that did not enrol for Winter 2018.


The timetable for Summer can be found here. There are a few minor changes as follows:

  • Green Squad from October 1st commences at 4:15pm Mon-Fri (previously 4pm). Unchanged for Saturday. You can choose any 3 days.
  • National Age Squad will commence after Green squad at 5:15pm Mon/Wed/Fri (previously 5pm).
  • Scarborough Pool summer opening hours will be implemented sometime in the next few months. This will affect Saturday times, which will most likely start 1 hour earlier than winter. Please stick to the current winter times for now and we will inform you closer to the time when the new opening hours will commence.
  • As usual, please arrive 15mins prior to commencement of your session for land training.


There are currently 3 seasons set up for enrolment in Swimbiz system:

  • Winter 2018 – current season till 30th Sept
  • Summer 2018/19 – 1st Sept 2018 to 31st March 2019
  • Winter 2019 – 1st April 2019 to 30th Sept 2019

Unless you are a new swimmer trying to register in Winter 2018, please do not enrol in this season.

If you are paying annually up front (for the 10% discount), please enrol in BOTH SUMMER 2018/19 AND WINTER 2019.

For everyone else either paying Summer up front or via regular direct debits, please ensure you register in Summer 2018/19.

When you enrol as Green Squad or Adult squad, please only select the days that you will be attending.

For all other squads, please enrol in all sessions available for the relevant season.

Let me know if you need more explanation. Details on how to enroll are in the Fees document here.


SWA membership is compulsory for all members from White squad through to Adult squad as it covers all of your insurances while participating in all club activities including training. Please take note of the changes to SWA membership as detailed in the fees document. Swimming WA no longer allow clubs to join or renew memberships or collect fees on your behalf. All members including White and Adult squads will be required to join SWA. If you are 7 or under this is free of charge, however you are still required to join. For Adult swimmers, you will need to join as Open Water swimmers which costs $38 however the club will reimburse you for this fee, as long as you are not a fully paying member of another affiliated SWA club. For more details and instructions, please read the fees document (link above).


Payment options are detailed in the Fees document (link above). To receive the discounted rates, full payment must be received before Oct 1 2018. Payments received after this date are not eligible for the 5% seasonal discount or the 10% annual discount.

All payments made after 1st October must be done via IntegraPay direct debit system, not via direct bank transfer.

If paying in full before 1st October you are welcome to pay via cash, cheque or bank transfer, as well as IntegraPay.

If your payment method has changed from winter, please inform us of your new chosen payment method when you re-enrol. We will assume the same payment method as Winter season unless notified otherwise.


Clark will be sending us his new squad lists for summer shortly. If you think you will be moving to a different squad for Summer, please confirm with your coach so that you enrol in the correct squad.


The club has been notified by some members that the pool has not been allowing some members to receive the discounted club rate of $34, in particular adult swimmers. This is currently being sorted out and will be rectified shortly. A separate email will be sent out once details have been confirmed.


The club is trying to use generic emails for all correspondence, i.e.

This avoids the use of personal emails and ensures that emails go to the correct person regardless of who is in that role. Unfortunately, many people have discovered these emails going to their junk folder and are missing some important emails. I have reverted back to my personal email in some cases where I need to ensure everyone receives the email, such as this email, however ideally we would like to use the generic emails as much as possible going forward.

Could I please request that all members check their junk mail for any emails from the above senders and set them as valid email addresses to prevent them going to your junk. The instructions for this vary depending on your mail application and device. If you discover these emails in your junk folder and you cannot set them up as ‘not junk’, then please email me and I will try to assist. I sent an email out a few months ago with some instructions on how to do this in Outlook.


We will be holding a come and try day shortly, probably during school holidays. If you have any friends or family that would like to try out, please bring them along. We will be sending out details very soon once dates and times are finalised.


As you can imagine, there are a lot of jobs to do around the club and very few people available. We are all volunteers doing everything in our own time after work. If you are able to help out in any way, please let us know. You do not need to be a committee member to play a role in the club. Some suggested areas where we could use some assistance are:

  • Communications assistance, e.g. sending out emails to new members, regular facebook/Instagram updates, etc.
  • Fund raising, events and sponsorship – we will be putting a plan together shortly and would like some people to form a team
  • Team managers at SWA meets – ensure younger swimmers marshal for their events on time.
  • Photography
  • Prepare Timekeeping Rosters for SWA meets
  • Class Attendance list monitoring to ensure members are attending the correct squads and number of sessions. (once per fortnight)
  • Officials – qualified SWA approved that can officiate at club meets and SWA meets. There are some courses available. We will be sending out more information soon. For example, if we hold our Club meets at a sanctioned SWA pool then your times will count towards State times, but only if we have approved officials checking for disqualifications, etc. At some SWA meets, this is a paid job.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above or if you have any other suggestions on how you can help, please let us know. Many hands make light work.


We will be launching a new sponsorship package in the coming months. If you (or someone you know) have a business, large or small, and are interested in becoming one of our valued sponsors or have any suggestions, please let us know at

Depending on your level of sponsorship, we can offer advertising on merchandise, signage, Open Water events up and down the coast, Swim meets, at the pool, host member social events/parties, etc. as well as regular promotions on Facebook, Instagram and our website.


If you need any equipment or swimming gear for your training sessions, feel free to chat to our coaches Clark and Travis, who own SwimTek, one of our valued sponsors. They supply fins, snorkels, goggles, paddles, kickboards, training bathers and racing bathers at reasonable prices.


Any questions relating to coaching or squads, please email Clark

Questions relating to fees and registrations, please email Rachel

Any issues with the website or the links above, please email Karen


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