Welcome to Tuart Hill Swimming Club

More than 50 years in the Community

The Tuart Hill Swimming Club is a friendly, family-orientated, not-for-profit club established over 50 years ago.

The main aim of our club is to improve the swimming capabilities of our members and those in our Community. We cater for a broad range of swimming abilities and personal goals, from Learn To Swim to Competitive Racing, as well as Adult and Surf Fitness.

So whether it's for fitness, winning at school or training for the Olympics, come along and join the fun!

What's News?

First Handicap trophies for the season

With the Handicap Trophies for butterfly and backstroke up for grabs, we would have liked to have seen more feet on blocks. However, I’m sure all who attended enjoyed the evening’s swims and sausage sizzle that followed. For the Girls 50 m Butterfly Handicap Trophy, Natasha Robinson finished ahead of Tatiana and Liliana Stjepanovic, while the Boys 50 m Butterfly Handicap Trophy saw a very close finish with Jaymon Briggs holding on to beat Joshua Simonassi by just 0.14 seconds….

2016 New year’s eve 200 m challenge

Well, no-one rose to the full challenge! Just two swimmers, Alessio Macri and Josh Armstrong competed in three 200 m events (neither competed in butterfly events). Several swimmers swam in two 200 m events, with Josephine Peirce just failing to break the Girls 10 and under 200 m backstroke record by only 0.19 seconds – a great effort considering Josephine had just swum 200 m butterfly! Full results can be found here

Pinnacle of excellence

Oh, hello! We all dream of achieving the pinnacle of excellence. But few have the stomach for what comes next. The hard work, the sacrifice, the time spent honing and perfecting our technique, elevating our conditioning until that moment where we stand up on the blocks and let it all fly. Here are three things you should consider before chasing down some organic, free range greatness… What is greatness going to cost you? Podium-topping success comes with an equitable amount…

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