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More than 50 years in the Community

The Tuart Hill Swimming Club is a friendly, family-orientated, not-for-profit club established over 50 years ago.

The main aim of our club is to improve the swimming capabilities of our members and those in our Community. We cater for a broad range of swimming abilities and personal goals, from Learn To Swim to Competitive Racing, as well as Adult and Surf Fitness.

So whether it's for fitness, winning at school or training for the Olympics, come along and join the fun!

What's News?

Pinnacle of excellence

Oh, hello! We all dream of achieving the pinnacle of excellence. But few have the stomach for what comes next. The hard work, the sacrifice, the time spent honing and perfecting our technique, elevating our conditioning until that moment where we stand up on the blocks and let it all fly. Here are three things you should consider before chasing down some organic, free range greatness… What is greatness going to cost you? Podium-topping success comes with an equitable amount…

Start of a trend ?

Results of the 800 m freestyle trophy event are in. Trophy winners are Alessio Macri and Nicola Hamilton. Records galore, 8 in total! Where to start? Why not with Lucas Fazari whose time of 12:06.75 demolished the previous record of 15:19.01 for the Boys 8 and under 800 m freestyle (was held by Finn Warner since 2014) and was also good enough to set the new benchmark for Boys 9 and under breaking Alessio Macri’s time of 12:56.20 set in 2015.  In turn, for…

Mental toughness

Heyo! Defining mental toughness is hard… But you know what it is, even if it is just intuitively. It’s a combination of different things, from getting a grip on your Debbie Downer self-talk, to setting goals that are ambitious yet still realistic, to being able to manage your stress… Most noticeably, it’s the ability to do what you need to do. It’s putting your head down on that last rep on that *impossible* main set. It’s staying an extra ten…

Your performance is dictated by the stopwatch

Forrest Gump’s mother always used to say “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” However, you absolutely do with swimming: your performance is dictated by the stopwatch. An oppressive watch that does not understand your feelings, on which the hands are moved by your speed via the strength and energy transmitted by your heart to your strokes. If you miss a training session, you lose it. Every one-hundredth of a second represents a…

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