Club records

Club records have been maintained continuously since 1968, with some records going back to 1964.

Records for some events have only recently been recorded, notably

  • 400 m and 800 m freestyle for age divisions since 2005/2006
  • 1500 m freestyle for age divisions since 2007/2008
  • 100 m individual medley (all ages including open) since 2010/11
  • 400 m individual medley (all ages including open) since 2013/14

Age group records are inclusive, in that a swimmer could break a record not only for his/her current age group, but also for higher age divisions as well. Prior to the 1979/1980 season, swim times were only measured and recorded to one decimal place. Prior to 2012, three times had to be recorded before a record could be acknowledged, with the middle time being the record time. Since 2011/12 and the introduction of electronic stop watches, only two times have to be recorded, with the greater time being the record time.

Club Age Championship records

The Club Age Championships were re-introduced in the 2012/13 season and records have been maintained since then. Club Age Championship records are exclusive: a swimmer can only break a record for his/her current age division.


Complete club records by stroke

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