Trophy History


Trophies are awarded for

  • Winning specific races
    • 800 m freestyle
    • 1500 m freestyle
  • Swimming the fastest race in a season
    • 100 m freestyle
  • Scoring the most points for an individual stroke in a season
  • Scoring the most points in a four week period
  • Winning a handicapped race
    • 50 m each stroke
    • 100 m, 200 m freestyle
    • 100 m, 200 m individual medley


Club Points

Points are awarded for each race that a swimmer successfully completes. The number of points depends upon the time compared to the swimmer’s previous personal best time swum at the Tuart Hill pool as well as the distance as shown in the following table. Consequently, a swimmer may never win a race but, by continuous improvement, be able to win a trophy.

Points Trophies – Calculation Method
Category 25 m 50 m 100 m 200 m & 400 m 800 m & 1500 m
Starting 1 1 1 2 4
-0.9 to -2 sec. of P.B. 1 2 3 4 6
-0.01 to -0.9 sec. of P.B 2 3 4 5 7
Equal P.B. 3 4 5 6 8
0.01 to 2 sec faster than P.B. 3 5 6 8 10
More than 2 sec faster than P.B. 4 6 8 10 12


Handicap Events

Handicap selection

To be eligible for a handicap trophy, each swimmer will have had to swum the event in the current season at a Tuart Hill meet. If the trophy is for a mixed event, then all swimmers will be seeded from fastest to slowest for initial swim heats. The number of swimmers in each heat will be balanced as best as possible. For each heat, the swimmer who improves their personal best the most (or, if none improve then the swimmer who has swum closest to his/her personal best) is selected in the event swim-off. If fewer than six heats are swum, then swimmers who have improved their personal best by the most will selected into the swim-off until six swimmers are selected. For trophies awarded to girls and boys, heats are swum separately with the same selection process for both girls and boys.

In the event that fewer than six swimmers are eligible, then a single heat will be swum before the swim-off. Swimmers can be ruled ineligible if the coach deems that they haven’t put in a proper effort in the heat.

Handicap swim-off

The swimmers for the final will be ordered from slowest to fastest, according to each swimmer’s best time (from the preceding heat or a previous swim at the Tuart Hill pool). The scratch time will be one second more than the time for the slowest swimmer. Each swimmer is then given a start time equal to the scratch time less their best time, rounded up. The starter will call the swimmers to the blocks, and start the race then count the time. Each swimmer waits until after their start time before diving in. Once a swimmer readies on the blocks, they may not move until after their start time. Swimmers may defer standing on the blocks until a time close to their start time.

As an example: Swimmer A has a best time of 59.3 seconds, swimmer B’s best time is 55.5 s, swimmer C’s best time is 50.9 s, swimmer D’s best time is 45.1 s, swimmer E’s best time is 39.6 s and swimmer F’s best time is 29.9.

The scratch time will be 60.3 seconds.

Start times will be:  A: (60.3 – 59.3) = 1 s; B: (60.3 – 55.5) = 4.8 => 5 s; C:  (60.3 – 50.9) = 9.4 => 10 s; D: (60.3 – 45.1) = 15.2 =>  16 s; E: (60.3 – 39.6) = 20.7 => 21 s; F: (60.3 – 29.9) = 30.4 => 31 s

The first swimmer to finish is the trophy winner unless disqualified for leaving the blocks early or for a stroke infraction.

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